Regular Team Opportunities

Interested in any of these teams? Email or call 651.222.3619

The Council is a group of lay leaders who assist in guiding both practical and spiritual matters of the church, and also act as the legal decision makers in significant church matters. If you are interested, please speak with the Pastor.

Members of the Foundation of Christ on Capitol Hill tend and steward the generous gifts, such as bequests, given to the church in honor of the ministry we are entrusted with. This group gathers twice a year.

The Property Team takes care of the routine maintenance of the building and grounds, and helps to coordinate larger building projects. This team reports directly to the Building Manager.

Meets: Every 2nd Saturday morning, unless otherwise noted

Tends the gardens and grounds of Christ on Capitol Hill.
Meets: TBA

The Hospitality Team helps extend the table of welcome at Christ on Capitol Hill by organizing the many opportunities to share food with each other and our neighbors from treats on Sundays to our popular outreach events of National Night Out and a picnic for the Marathon runners.

Meets: Every 1st Tuesday evening at 6pm, unless otherwise announced.

The Stewardship Team works to engage the congregation in vital ways to commit to vibrant and regenerative mission inside and outside of the walls of the church. This team strives to show that all gifts to the church, financial, time and talent are all essential to the ways we are responding to God’s call and to live as the beloved community.

Worship, Music and the Arts
Worship, Music and the Arts tends to the ways our worship comes alive through the gifts of song and art.

An essential committee that acts as our Human Relations department, tending to the hiring and of staff.

Sunday School
This Team tends the education of the youth at Christ on Capitol Hill.