Interested in volunteering for any of these events? Email or call 651.222.3619

Shobi’s Lunch on Tuesdays from Noon to 1 pm
Come on Tuesdays and look for the Big Blue Food Truck–or in the winter months, come inside for a warm meal. These meals are “pay as you can” which always means your price can be free!

Advent and Lenten Suppers
During the church season of Advent (usually the first 3-4 weeks of December), and of Lent (the 5 weeks leading up to Easter), we usually gather on Wednesday nights for a meal and a brief prayer service. Meals usually begin at 5:30.

Annual Church Picnic
Usually a Sunday in July, Christ on Capitol Hill gathers at Roseville’s Central Park for worship, a potluck picnic, and games outside.

National Night Out
The first Tuesday night in August, Christ on Capitol Hill hosts one of the sites for National Night Out in St Paul. We invite neighbors into the Peace Garden for a summer meal and entertainment.

Marathon Picnic
During the annual Marathon, Christ on Capitol Hill reaches out to the runners and their supporters by providing warm hospitality and tasty on-the-go treats such as smoked chicken drumsticks, fruit skewers and cookies.

Second Saturday Meals
Prior to the pandemic, we gathered on the Second Saturday of each month to share a meal and stories that center around lifting up the many cultures within and around our community. Someone is invited to host, either preparing or bringing food from their culture, and sharing stories from their own culture and life. These dinners have included nights such as African American, Ethiopian, Norwegian, Cambodian, Indian, and… going outside of the box, evenings based on life at Holden Village and Teenage culture. Shall we begin it again?