Children in Worship

Let the Children Come

Christ loves to have families with little ones in worship! It is in worship we learn that we are all part of the family of faith and we learn how to participate in worship. There is a coloring table in the front of the worship space. Worship bags for little hands are found at the base of the ramp.

All children are invited to come forward during the Children’s Message and also for Communion. And when children need to move around, they are welcome to do so.

There is also a nursery for parents to retreat with children if they need a different setting for a few minutes.

As children grow, they develop skills that enable them to more fully participate in worship. Parents can encourage participation by helping children follow along in the program, by helping them find hymns and follow the text, by encouraging them to learn and recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed with the rest of the congregation. Talk with your child about Holy Communion and when interest and questions about receiving Communion arise, consider asking the pastor for the beautiful coloring booklet A Place for You.

Encourage children to draw during worship, since children can easily listen and be active at the same time. You might be surprised by how much your child has absorbed, even while seemingly being completely involved in this activity! Ask your child to draw what they sees around them in worship. You can discuss later what all the symbols in the Sanctuary mean. But for now, the children can become fully aware of beautiful windows, symbols, and colors. Perhaps the child will notice new banners and new colors. Help your child understand the significance of changes in our worship space. And if you aren’t sure yourself, you can learn together!

Car time is precious time! While you drive home on Sundays, talk about what you experienced in worship. Perhaps music was touching, a message was inspirational, a baptized child was adorable, the children’s message was poignant, or Communion touched your spirit. You can ask, “What were your highs and lows in worship today?” Share your own thoughts with your child about these things; what matters to you will also matter to your child!

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