The Welcome Table

Completing the Capitol Campaign

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$300,000 GOAL

Join our Capital Campaign to raise $300,000!

We have raised over $280,000 on our way to this goal and we have just a few short months until the campaign conclusion on October 31, 2021.

Meeting or exceeding our goal will mean will funding half the salary for three years of ministry for our kitchen coordinator, pay our Mission Investment Fund (MIF) loan and lay the groundwork for  future exploration of how we are being led by the Spirit into food ministries.

It had beautiful leaves and plenty of fruit, enough to feed everyone. Wild animals found shade under it. Birds came to live in its branches. It fed every living creature.
—DANIEL 4:12

Our Purpose

People preparing food together, serving food together, praying together, eating together, cleaning together… deepening relationships in this often fractured world. God has been calling us, in this time and place, to bring people together from differing backgrounds to share a table.

Our Vision

Eating together brings us closer together.

We have a rich history of bringing people together from diverse backgrounds. We also recognize our location as a place where people experiencing homelessness, to lawmakers, to commuters using the light rail, and everyone in between, may feel isolated and removed from one another. We have the opportunity to share the richness of Christ’s blessings within our community and outward with our diverse neighbors.


How do I give?

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