Summer Theme: The Good Book

This June, we’ll be dividing into stories from The Good Book: Meeting Our Ancestors in Faith, One Story at a Time… and we’ll learn and play together. Come and see–we’ll honor June commemorations and holidays each week!

June 9 – I is for Israel
Theme: Wrestling with Faith (and God)
Jacob is a trickster and sees all of his tricks coming back to catch him. 
But God stands in the way with a wrestling match that will leave him wounded and clear of his calling. He’ll come out of the wrestling match with a new name and a new closeness with God. Maybe that’s something we can learn from, as people of faith–that wrestling with God may be part of being human, and one of the ways we grow in faith and love.
Today after worship, we welcome Bethany Ringdahl from the Jonathan House–a ministry that accompanies refugees and asylum seekers.

June 16 – Honoring Juneteenth (& Father’s Day)
J is for Joseph
Theme: Reparations
Years after Joseph is the recipient of his brother’s jealousy and sold into 
slavery in Egypt – he comes face to face with them again. They are in need, he is in power. When he could respond with vengeance or anger, he does not. But how he does respond can offer us a blueprint for naming and repairing the breaches between us.

June 23 – Family Fun Day Sunday, Picnic & Saints Game
P is for Puah
Theme: What It Means to Help Things Be Born
We don’t often spend a lot of time talking about the story of Puah (and her 
colleague Shiphrah) and their role in the Exodus story, but they play a significant role in making sure babies were born. The metaphor seems obvious but let’s stick with it – What does it mean to be a midwife who fears God?

G is for Growing Up
Theme: Growing into God
Coming of age stories show up throughout our common experience on 
television, in novels, and in our families. But what if God’s only son is coming of age? Dig into the tension between God being fully divine and fully human in the only story of Jesus’ adolescence from the gospels.


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