Worship January 14 2024

January 14 – Baptism of Jesus

How does a weary world rejoice?
We trust our belovedness

We began our series by acknowledging our weariness and we conclude with trusting our belovedness; ultimately, our joy is rooted in the fact that we belong to God. In the story of Jesus’ baptism, the heavens part open and the voice of God wraps Jesus in joy and loving care. Some translations of Luke 3:22 read, “in you, I find happiness and delight.” Therefore, we can conclude that we are also the source of God’s joy. When we trust our belovedness, we live and give fully—we are compelled to treat all of creation with tenderness and care. When we trust our belovedness, we have endless reasons to rejoice.
1 Samuel 3:1-10 [11-20] and Luke 3:21-22

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