Prepare for the Annual Meeting

On Sunday, January 28, we will gather for the Annual Congregational Meeting after worship.

On Sunday, January 21, we had a pre-annual meeting budget conversation to prepare and answer questions. If you didn’t have a chance to attend but would like to talk through questions with Laura Delventhal (President) or Kevin Bullock (VP) prior to the meeting, please contact them. They are more than happy to have conversations with you about plans for 2024.

Access the Annual Meeting booklet here – Annual Report 2024 for 2023 Final

On the way to these meetings, consider how you might contribute in 2024.

  1. Your financial gifts allow us to do ministry far beyond the walls of this church. Have you shared your intended giving for 2024?
  2. We will be seeking Council leaders for 2024, especially a volunteer willing to consider the role of Vice President (with the hope that person will be preparing to be Council President in two years) and a Council youth representative. Would you prayerfully consider these roles?
  3. Would you like to attend the Conference Assembly & Synod ToolKit or Synod Assembly this year? We will elect our representatives to these important gatherings of our larger church.
  4. Would you like to be our congregation’s representative to Camp Wapo, Lyngblomsten, Advocates for Racial Equity or another team/ministry of the larger church?

Since we are a smaller congregation, there are always ways for every single member to have a meaningful role and contribution. Please consider how you would like to give, serve and lead in the coming year.