Baptism Opportunities

Do you desire baptism for yourself or for someone you love? This is a beautiful time of year to plan for a baptism!

We begin this season after Epiphany with the Baptism of Jesus and end with Transfiguration on February 11.

January 14 at 9:30 amBaptism of Jesus
We trust our belovedness
We began our series by acknowledging our weariness and we conclude with trusting our belovedness; ultimately, our joy is rooted in the fact that we belong to God.

Lent begins on February 14 – it will be both Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day on the same day – and although Lent is not traditionally a season for baptisms, Martin Luther considered every Sunday a feast day within a fasting season. So, Sundays are an option.

Then, we move into the Easter season. We do not have an Easter Vigil every year at Christ but if there are one or more people interested in baptism at the Easter Vigil, we will have one! Consider March 30 (the eve of Easter) or any Sunday in Easter as a beautiful time for Baptism.

Consult with Pastor Joy if you are interested in a conversation about baptism, take-home resources and/or getting a date on the calendar!