Worship December 17 2023

December 17 – Fourth Sunday in Advent – Children’s Christmas Program

A Very Special Child – We sing stories of hope, justice & joy
featuring families from Christ on Capitol Hill (St. Paul). An Advent / Christmas Pageant
Inspired by the stories in Luke 1-3
Written by Rev. Anna Strickland from A Sanctified Art, used by permission. https://sanctifiedart.org

Luke 1:46-55 and Luke 67-80

As soon as Zechariah’s voice returns, his first words are gratitude and blessing. He sings a story of praise for God’s protection and promise, and then he showers a blessing on his newborn son. He sings a story of hope. After Elizabeth proclaims blessings upon Mary, Mary sings: “My soul magnifies God; my spirit rejoices in God.” Mary sings about a God of liberation who pulls the powerful from their thrones and lifts up the lowly. Mary sings a story of hope, one in which justice and joy are interwoven. As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth, may we also sing stories of hope, justice, and joy.

Generosity rises from the conviction that God has provided, and that we can participate in God’s work with our offerings. Give today.