Vitality & Visioning Workshops

Join in Vitality events hosted by the Saint Paul Area Synod and Christ on Capitol Hill on April 29 & 30.

April 29 – Congregational Vitality Invitation from Justin Grimm
at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church

You’re invited to the next Congregational Vitality Event being put on by the Synod Vitality team.   On Saturday April 29th from 9-3 we will be gathering at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church for Tools for the Church: Reaching Outside our Walls.  This day will focus on getting outside our doors into our communities and connecting with our neighbors, sharing our faith in transformative ways, and moving from being welcoming to inviting. We will explore your community using tools such as Asset mapping, demographics, and others while rooting the whole day in worship.  Lunch will be provided and there is a fee of 10 dollars per person to help offset the cost.

You can register here and find more information here.  This will be a great day for sure and it would be wonderful if you can get a team of leaders to come with you- it is always better when more gather.  Finally, if you want to hear a bit more- Pastor Kirsten Fryer from the Vitality Team invites you in this video.

April 30 – Congregational Vitality Gathering at Christ

Then, on Sunday, April 30, our congregation will gather following worship for the follow-up to our March Visioning Gatherings. It’s time to choose a project! We’re planning to spread blessing–come and help us design the blessing sharing experiment.