Worship February 26 2023

February 26 – First Sunday in Lent – Who will you listen to?

In order to engage in the spiritual practice of seeking, we must maintain a posture of listening,
staying open and curious instead of calloused and closed off. In our focal texts for this week, we see two different examples of listening. Seeking the fruit of the garden, Adam and Eve allow the snake’s manipulative voice to become louder than God’s voice. In the wilderness, Jesus defies the deception of the tempter by listening intuitively—to God, to his inner moral compass, to the teachings of his faith. And so, who will you listen to? What sources do you seek for news, information, and media? Whose voices—and what messages—take up too much space in your head? From the onslaught of messaging we receive, we are invited to choose carefully. Faith practices can help us listen and filter what we’re hearing to discern God’s voice.
Matthew 4:1-11 | Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7

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