Ash Wednesday 2023

Purple and white fabric
Ash Wednesday Zoom Worship, 6:30 pm
Worship guide –  Ash Wednesday Feb 22 2023
Ideas for making ashes at home:
~ Light a candle and when it is safely cooled, use the ash from the wick.
~ Gather some dust from your home or use organic soil from a plant (if there are no chemical fertilizers)
~Burn a little sage or oregano
Any of these can be mixed with oil. If you are worshiping with another, you will be able to share ashes with them.
If you are worshiping alone, we will say the words together as you mark/bless yourself.
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 883 8112 1927
Passcode: 364027
For any who cannot join by Zoom on Wednesday evening, please join in the video below.
In addition, we will offer ashes on this coming Sunday before, during or after worship for any who wish to have ashes given to them.