Journey with Youth Homelessness

Journey with Youth Homelessness on Sundays in Lent
Following worship on Sundays in Lent, Pastoral Intern Carrie Stiles and Seminarian Sarah Bauer will be gathering interested people to walk through a study from Lutheran Social Service on Youth Homelessness. The studies, written by different professors from Luther Seminary, explore through Bible passages and discussion how we are called to find connections with youth that struggle with homelessness and search for how we can be moved to make a difference in this story.

Sunday March 6   Session Two – All in the Family of God (Carrie)
Sunday March 13  Session Three – The Kingdom of God is for Children (Sarah)
Sunday March 20  Project for homelessness with Four12 Youth & friends – Joy McElroy
Sunday March 27  Session Four – Worship as a Way of Life (Carrie)
Sunday April 3       Session Five – Love Teaches Us Who God is and Who We are (Sarah)