Ash Wednesday Worship 2022

Ash Wednesday – March 2 – With all that you are
As we begin our Lenten journey, we’re invited to come fully as we are. The prophet Joel proclaims, “return to God with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning” (Joel 2:12). Your brokenness, joy, gifts, and doubts all belong to God. Brokenness is a beginning. Digging deeper requires broken ground. Your journey with God is not a performance. It’s intimate and rewarding in ways that aren’t necessarily measured. We are invited to pursue the wealth of the inner life, which reframes the paradigm that God is outward or beyond us. Instead, we might find God by turning inward, recognizing that God is connected to everything. God wants you, authentically. You are enough. Come as you are, with all that you are.

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Generosity rises from the conviction that God has provided, and that we can participate in God’s work with our offerings. This season, we are gathering special gifts to “Dump the Deficit” from previous years & build strategic reserves for a healthy life together. Join in!
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