Godly Play Feb 19 2022

Toy moose standing in front of greenery

I’ve Been Wondering … What Do You Need?

Join the children of Christ on Capitol Hill (St. Paul) for Godly Play on Saturday, Feb. 19, at 11:15 a.m. via Zoom.

Are you watching at a different time? 
Here are the “wondering” prompts that you can use at home as a family after seeing the video below:

  • What can your friends and family do for you when you’re feeling sad?
  • How do you help your friends and family when they’re sad?
  • Do we all need the same things when we’re sad?


Dear God, thank you for friends that help us, even when that help is just being with us. Help us to remember to ask what others need instead of assuming we know. Amen.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 883 8112 1927
Passcode: 364027