Full to the Brim: An Expansive Lent

Full to the Brim—An Expansive Lent
Come and practice faith together through this holy season.

Sundays at 9:30 am—Full to the Brim
March 6 – Even in the Desert
March 13 – Under God’s Wing
March 20 –  You Are Worthy
March 27 – Prodigal Grace
April 3 – Brazen Acts of Beauty

Wednesday evenings beginning March 9 through April 6
Holden Evening Prayer at 6:30 pm

Would you like a paper or pdf copy of the Full to the Brim Lenten Devotional or Daily Devotional cards? Pick up a copy/set on Sundays or contact the church office to have a copy sent to your address.

Write your prayer request  at https://tinyurl.com/3skbbtsk to have your prayers read during the Prayers of the People on Sundays & shared in the weekly email.

Generosity rises from the conviction that God has provided, and that we can participate in God’s work with our offerings. This season, we are gathering special gifts to “Dump the Deficit” from previous years & build strategic reserves for a healthy life together.
Join in! Give today.

Save the dates:
Holy Week
April 10—Palm/Passion Sunday—Even the Stones Cry Out
April 14—Maundy Thursday—Take Off Your Shoes
April 15—Good Friday—A Cup of Sorrow
April 17—Easter Sunday—An Expansive Life