Worship February 13 2022

Watch worship from February 13, 2022

Connection & Community
As we join in a thoughtful study on Tuesday evenings this month – I’ve Been Meaning to Ask: a series for curiosity, courage and connection, our Sunday worship will reflect some of these themes, too.

February 13 – I’ve Been Meaning to Ask … where does it hurt?
Blessings and curses abound on the sixth Sunday after Epiphany. We would do well to listen closely to whom the “blessed ares” and the “woe tos” are directed and to find our place in the crowd among those who desire to touch Jesus. The risen Christ stands among us in the mystery of the holy supper with an invitation to live in him, and offers power to heal us all.

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Generosity rises from the conviction that God has provided, and that we can participate in God’s work with our offerings. Give today.

Seen | Lisle Gwynn Garrity | Digital painting with mixed media collage

from I’ve Been Meaning to Ask: A Series for Curiosity, Courage & Connection
A Sanctified Art | sanctifiedart.org