Baptized in Tear Gas book event with Author Elle Dowd

Join us on Zoom with author Elle Dowd, where she’ll introduce us to her book Baptized in Teargas: From White Moderate to Abolitionist, being released August 10th. She will read an excerpt and have some Q&A time.

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Meeting ID: 883 8112 1927
Passcode: 364027

You can pre-order her book Baptized in Teargas: From White Moderate to Abolitionist  here


Elle Dowd (she/her/hers) is a bi-furious recent graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and a candidate for ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

Elle has pieces of her heart in Sierra Leone, where her two children were born, and in St. Louis where she learned from the radical, queer, Black leadership during the Ferguson Uprising. 

She was formerly a co-conspirator with the movement to #decolonizeLutheranism and currently serves as a board member of the Euro-Descent Lutheran Association for Racial Justice, does community organizing in her city as a board member of SOUL, serves on the Clergy Advocacy Board for Planned Parenthood, writes regularly as part of the vision team for the Disrupt Worship Project, and facilitates workshops in both secular conferences and Christian spaces. She is publishing a book with Broadleaf, Baptized in Teargas, about her conversion from a white moderate to an abolitionist which will be released on August 10 and is available for pre-order now. 

Elle loves spending time with the people she loves and on weekends when there isn’t a global pandemic, she tours the city of Chicago in search of the best Bloody Mary.

To get in touch with Elle and to keep up with updates,  you can visit her website and subscribe to her newsletter.

You can also see her online ministry via ; or follow her on Twitter/SnapChat/Insta @hownowbrowndowd ; or on TikTok @elledowdministry