Godly Play April 10 2021

Parable of the Leaven

Join in for Godly Play at 11:15 a.m. Saturday, April 10, via Zoom (link below).

Are you watching at a different time?  Here are the “wondering” prompts that you can use at home as a family after seeing the video below:

  • I wonder if the woman has a name? I wonder who she could really be?
  • I wonder if the woman was happy?
  • I wonder what the leaven is, really, in the parable and in life?
  • I wonder if you could take the bread that was leavened all over and put it back like it was before the woman hid the leaven in it?
  • I wonder if you have ever come close to a place where this happens? I mean really, not just in the parable or making bread?

Zoom link details:

You shouldn’t need these but just in case:
Meeting ID: 896 6286 2330
Passcode: 202426