March Council Minutes

The church council met Monday, March 8 via Zoom, and the following is a high-level recap. The Council next meets on Monday, April 12. 

Treasurer’s Report was shared by Henrik Weber. It was an excellent February, with a strong month of envelope giving in addition to building partner funding all coming in. Expenses were also higher than normal due to some back-pay and benefits.

New Building Security updates were discussed as we continue to look at quotes that fit our congregation and building partner needs.

We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation, committed to welcoming LGBTQIA+ folks fully and openly in community. ReconcilingWorks – Lutherans for Full Participation is the advocacy organization in the ELCA that supports congregations in this work. We are looking at updating our church’s welcome statement to include our commitment to anti-racism work in addition to our wording around welcoming all.

Community Support during the Chauvin Trial was discussed, which may include presence and providing water for potential peaceful protests at the capitol, and to be aware of members who may suffer from anxiety and re-traumatization in this time.

A Sabbatical in 2022 for Pastor Joy is being planned, including applying for a Lily grant to financially support this and offer a congregational renewal portion of the grant, with the theme “Create” and something that would bring us joy. Creative ideas were discussed. Pastor Joy will also take a 1-month vacation time in 2021 as the demands of 2020 did not allow for this. Vicar Anne will be the pastoral presence in this time.

COVID-related updates and planning – good information was shared by Dr. Osterholm at the Toolkit for Congregational Leaders, which many Council members attended. We’ll discuss further in the April Council meeting, including equipment for hybrid worship options.

Vicar Anne shared that she will be attending the Bethesda Good Neighbor meeting and will give us an update about this new location for housing neighbors experiencing homelessness.


Written by Joy McElroy, adapted from council minutes.