MLK, Jr. Events

Girl holding sign saying Show Up

MLK, Jr. Events

Monday, January 18, 2021

2021 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Breakfast
A Bold Conversation with Dr. Bernice King and Ambassador Andrew Young moderated by Dr. Michael L. Lomax. 
The re-broadcast is available through Jan 29.

Show Up-MLK Day 2021

This is a pre-recorded intergenerational “Ted Talk” style event for our community to hear from speakers who speak on the theme of Show Up. In the words of poet Joe Davis, “We are each called to this place. We each have the ability to BE. If you don’t SHOW UP, how can we hear you?” The video includes children’s book readings, and a virtual poem by Maya Angelou read by various people. The community donations will go to H-Cubed, an organization in North Minneapolis. An intentional, community-centered open mic and healing space where they share art, poetry, music, and conversation around issues impacting the Harrison Neighborhood in North Minneapolis.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole program, watch at 1:06:40 to see three of our Four12 youth participating in the “Show Up” montage.