Abundance Kitchen Registry!

The Grand Opening will also be an opportunity to give towards the Kitchen Registry.  Much of the old cooking ware in the kitchen can’t go back in because it won’t keep up the rigors of commercial use.  The registry will supply it with commercial grade cookware that will help make it a complete and fully-functioning space where Shobi’s Table can work well, another kitchen partner will want to move in to, and help make the volunteer cooking experience fun, safe and efficient.  While the initial remodeling budget covered all of the big equipment items such as the ventilation hood, tables and shelving, we are looking to complete it with new pots and pans, spatulas, cooking utensils, etc.  The list is provided by the Sign Up Table in the Gathering Space, and there will be a link in the Gathering Space.

How to Purchase: It is best to find these kinds of items at specific places that sell commercial grade kitchen equipment.  Christ on Capitol Hill is already registered as a non-profit (with tax-exempt status) at Webstaurant.com, Restaurant Depot, and Costco Business Center.  Here’s how you can purchase items on the registry:

  1. Write a check and have Deacon Kari order/purchase it: You can write a check to Christ on Capitol Hill with “Kitchen Registry” or “Kitchen Equipment” in the memo line, let Deacon Kari know if there are specific items you’d like to purchase (or just give to the fund), and she will add it to the order (to be ordered in large orders to save on shipping costs).
  2. Go shopping w/ Deacon Kari: Love shopping? Go with Deacon Kari to either Restaurant Depot or Costco Business Center. She has the member cards to get in and receive tax-exempt status, and you can pay there.
  3. Used Equipment Hunting: Do you love searching for good used things? Feel free to peruse the shelves of used equipment places such as Jos F. Palen Used Equipment in Northeast Minneapolis (http://www.josfpalen.com/, 1055 North 5th Street, NE Minneapolis). Goodwill or other thrift stores might also be a good spot – you never know what you’ll find! OR you can sign up to watch Restaurant auction sites (these are companies that buy equipment from kitchens that have gone out of business and sell them. You’ve got to be quick! Things can go very fast!)